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Beauty Pageants - Beauty Contests



Bikini Contests - with news, schedule, and photos of candidates and winners.

Fitness America Pageant - schedule of events, how to enter, and more on the annual women's event.

Galaxy International Pageants - comprises of the Mrs. Galaxy, Miss Galaxy, and Miss Teen Galaxy Pageants which all seek to promote cultural appreciation, intelligence, and style.

Jimmy's Pageant Page - archives and award lists for beauty pageants including Miss Universe, Miss World,  Miss Canada.

Mabuhay Beauties - pictures and news with a global perspective and live venue feeds. Message board covers current issues and activities for Philippine and international pageantry.

Miss Alaska All-Star - features entry form, pageant schedule, and philanthropy information.

Miss Asia - about the competition, how to apply, other contestants, and more.

Miss Asia International - aims to raise awareness of Asian culture, splendor, and grace through various scholastic scholarships and public charitable contributions with internationally recognized cultural institutions and organizations.

Miss Asian America Pageant - showcase of beauty, elegance, talent, and culture.

Miss Buffalo Scholarship Program - local preliminary to the Miss New York State Program and the Miss America Scholarship

Miss Canada International Pageant - information on the Miss Canada International, Miss Teen Canada International

Miss Canada Teen Global - pageant focused on awarding personal achievement over physical beauty. Includes judging criteria, photos, sponsors, and more.

Miss Digital World - virtual beauty contest, strictly for the most beautiful and intriguing virtual models made using the most advanced 3D graphics tools.

Miss Earth - official site of Miss Earth

Miss Florida Achievement - state preliminary to the Miss American Achievement Pageant, with divisions for PreTeen, Teen, Miss, Ms., and Mrs. Florida.

Miss Gay America - in the art form of female impersonation.

Miss Gay New Jersey Pageant - charity drag queen pageant held annually to benefit Beacon Light.

Miss Golden Corner Scholarship Pageant - Miss America preliminary pageant.

Miss Gothic Massachussets - annual pageant for the loveliest and most morose gothic ladies in the state.

Miss Hawaiian Tropic International - information on the New England competitions.

Miss Hickory/Carolina Foothills Scholarship Pageant - part of the Miss America Organization. Covers an area of North Carolina.

Miss India-Canada - annual beauty pageant featuring Canadian women of Indian origin.

Miss Louisiana Gulf Coast Pageant - preliminary pageant for Miss Louisiana USA, Miss Louisiana Teen USA, and Mrs. Louisiana America.

Miss Malaysia World - includes past pageant winners, photographs, application, and more.

Miss Plus America Pageant - entry form, regulations, and prizes for the annual event that champions plus-size women.

Miss South Pacific Pageant - highlights the contestants and winners of the annual pageant.

Miss Venezuela - containing essays, information, predictions, and pictures about the four major beauty pageants: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth.

Mossimo Bikini Summit - official site for the summer spectacle dedicated to the men and women who look best in bikinis.

Mrs. Florida Pageant - recognizing the virtues of family, professional, and community involvement among married women.

Mrs. Mississippi International Pageant - family oriented pageant for married women, ages 23-56; preliminary to the Mrs. International pageant. Competition includes interview, evening gown, and aerobic wear.

Mrs. United Nation - purpose is to show that the married women of the world can manage a family, have a career, support their community, and have a successful marriage; all at the same time. Contestants compete in tennis wear, evening gown, and personal interview categories.

Ms. & Junior Miss Wheelchair Florida Pageant - open to Florida resident women who meet qualifications. The Pageant also holds various fundraisers throughout the year.

Ms. Illinois U.S. Beauties Pageant - offering news and information about the pageant, prize list, and more.

NC Cover Miss & Cover Boy - includes competition schedules and photos of past winners. Judging is based on beauty, personality, projection, and overall appearance.

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Queen Program - Japanese-American women come together to celebrate their heritage and represent their community.

Pageant Almanac - coverage of Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA, and Miss USA.

Pageant - offers listings of beauty pageants by state or city.

Plus USA Convention and Pageant - aims to empower the average woman to recognize her internal and external beauty by encouraging wellness and empowerment through a sense of inclusion in the world of fashion, beauty, and plus-size modeling.

Turn For The Judges - news coverage on the world of pageantry for Teen, Miss, Mrs., and Ms. pageant contestants and fans.

Universal Miss & Master International - annual pageant for women and children.

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